Development, whose vision? — Martha and John Andrews

Daily Camera, Boulder, CO
POSTED:   01/02/2015 06:12:59 PM MST

Steve Pomerance and Erica Meltzer, both writing in the Camera on Sunday, Dec. 28, resonate with our feelings regarding the lack of involvement of local homeowners in plans for re-development in east Boulder. These plans will affect us a great deal. We had no idea that a “Project” was about to begin in this area. We would like to draw your attention to the following website:

Envision East Arapahoe-Planning Project - City of Boulder.…/eastarapahoeplanningproject

Please also look at the maps linked to the page.

My husband and I have owned and lived in our home on Kennedy Court since June 1973. Now we find out that a great deal of our neighborhood falls within the oval study line for this Envision project. The line goes from Folsom St. to 75th St. west to east, and includes several blocks on either side of Arapahoe St. In fact, Envision’s study line abuts 100 feet of our property and also that of the popular Arapahoe Ridge Park.

We had no idea that planning for this project, which would alter an already satisfactory mix of housing types and businesses, was underway. Our question to City Council and all of their unelected planners of whom we were not aware, is this:

Are we not ‘stakeholders?’

About two or three years ago we checked on the addresses of City Council members and found that all but one lived west of Broadway. We would like to see Boulder return to a ward system since we are definitely not represented out here.

We would like the council to put a hold on further progress on this project until they arrange a widely-publicized (not only in the Camera) meeting of residents and businesses within the project study line.

Martha and John Andrews, Boulder