Now that we’re officially on the ballot, we’re starting the work now to pass the initiatives in November.  If you’re interested in volunteering to help, please email [email protected]  All successful initiative campaigns require the help of many volunteers, carrying out many various projects and tasks.  This is an exciting opportunity to make a real and positive difference in your community.  Many of our volunteers have commented on how much they’ve enjoyed meeting fellow citizens who are similarly concerned about Boulder’s future.  Lifelong friendships are being forged as we start working, now, toward November.

Email us at [email protected] with a subject of
“Volunteer Campaign!”
or Use this link in your e-mail include your

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Street address

    Please state which of the following volunteer activities you would be willing to do:

    -add my name to the list of supporters
    -display a yard sign
    -distribute literature
    -distribute yard signs
    -write a letter to the editor
    -call voters
    -help with social media
    -host a fundraiser

Send Email to [email protected]

Yes on 300 & 301