Help gather signatures—Stacey Goldfarb

Daily Camera
POSTED:   04/25/2015 08:36:58 PM

A group of concerned Boulder citizens from different neighborhoods throughout our city got together to address development issues. On April 21, they delivered two proposed petitions to the city of Boulder addressing those concerns. With your help, if we gather enough signatures, these petitions will put two citizens’ ballot initiatives on the November ballot. The initiatives are:

  1. Development shall pay its own way — Requires that new development must fully fund the additional city services and facilities needed because of the demands it creates. This will have the effect of lessening the impacts of development and put the onus on developers, not citizens, to address these impacts through impact fees, linkage fees and other mechanisms.
  1. Neighborhoods vote on zoning changes — Neighborhoods get a voice in zoning changes that may affect them. This initiative would guarantee that neighborhoods have the opportunity to require a neighborhood vote on proposed zoning changes that would impact their neighborhood, such as multi-unit apartment buildings replacing single-family housing.

High voter support for the above initiatives was indicated in a 2015 poll. That is why these particular initiatives are being pursued and why they have a good chance of passing. But we need your help! We can’t do it without you.

We need most of you to help gather the over 4,000 signatures required to get these initiatives on the November ballot. To help gather petition signatures, sign up at Go to the “Initiative” tab and select “volunteer.” We can’t succeed with these initiatives without your support.

This November is a critical moment in Boulder’s history. Thank you for helping to protect and preserve the Boulder we love!

Stacey Goldfarb