What We Do

We’ve formed Livable Boulder because you’ve expressed concerns about the size, amount, and speed of development in Boulder.  We share your concerns about what’s happening to our unique, manageable-size foothills town.

We are working to engage you and encourage you to participate with us in city issues.  For your convenience, you’ll find a “What-You-Can-Do” guide for civic participation.

We appreciate your patience as we’ve been organizing an email list of several hundred like-minded people, and crystallizing our message.  We’ll keep in touch with you via emails and a full fledged website dedicated to the goals we share, including:

  • Limiting the size, amount, and speed of development in Boulder while still providing affordable housing
  • Protecting our open space from the impacts of excessive use
  • Helping Boulder’s neighborhoods from having unwanted upzoning and density changes imposed on them, and ensuring that any development in and around neighborhoods are things those neighborhoods want (e.g., neighborhood-benefiting retail and other services, bike lanes, increased walkability, etc.)

We will also work to support you in:

  • Expressing your concerns at city meetings including City Council, Planning Board, Housing Strategies working groups, and others
  • Writing emails to City Council and Planning Board, and letters to the editor of the Camera
  • Encouraging you to serve on City advisory boards, including Planning, Transportation, Downtown, Boulder Design, Open Space, and others
  • Participating in the 2015 Update to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan and the Comprehensive Housing Strategy

Some of the areas we will focus on are:

  • Supporting like-minded candidates for the five City Council seats in the November, 2015, election
  • Addressing both the demand and supply side of the jobs/housing imbalance that creates Boulder’s estimated 60,000 daily in-commuters
  • Making sure development pays its own way with regard to impact on city service levels (traffic, water, sewer, roads, bike paths, open space systems, etc.)

Boulder is a Great Place to Live!