Google’s Impact

Google is growing so fast it is having a big impact on communities where it locates its employees.  In Boulder, the City Council approved a facility for 1,500 employees, about 1200 more than it now has in the City.  We’re keeping track of the impact of Google.

Boulder, CO:
One of our own Sally Schneider predicts what will happen in Boulder.

What can be learned from the impacts Google is already having elsewhere?

Silicon Valley, CA:
“Google Plans New Headquarters, and a City Fears Being Overrun”, The New York Times, February 25, 2015

Venice Beach, CA”
“Replacing Surf Shops with Startups, Tech Boom Makes Waves in Bohemian Beach”, PBS News Hour, November 4, 2014

San Francisco,CA:
San Francisco has a seemingly insoluble housing problem as described in “Developers Aren’t Going to Solve the Housing Crisis in San Francisco: The Definitive Response to Supply-Side Solutionists”, [people.power.media], October 9, 2014.

Boulder is a Great Place to Live!