Boulder’s Secret: Limited Growth

Over five decades Boulder citizens, often using the polls, have created very successful techniques for limiting the City’s rate of growth.

  • Boulder’s efforts are described in a Succinct History of Boulder’s Growth measures.  We will soon add more recent history that shows how our staff and City Council have eviscerated many of those measures.
  • Eben Fodor is a planning consultant who questions the standard wisdom that growth is necessarily positive for a community.  His paper (2012)  “The Myth of Smart Growth” explains his thinking.
  • Richard E. Klosterman has written a paper (2013) “Lessons Learned about Planning” that details the serious difficulties of organizing public input into the planning process.   It seems relevant to Boulder’s struggles at present.

Keep an eye on this site as we add more information.  And let us know things we’ve inadvertently left out, or things we may have gotten wrong.

Boulder is a Great Place to Live!