Family Displacement in Central Austin

Boulder is having a lot of similar growth issues as Austin, Texas. Is this the future you want for Boulder?

In the last few years, a relatively new housing type has emerged in Austin: the High- Occupancy Unit (HOU). The HOU is not defined or regulated in any neighborhood plan, nor is it written in Austin’s Land Development Code. Yet the HOU has changed traditional patterns of residential life in Central Austin, and upset the balance of our complete urban community more than any code change or plan adoption ever has.
Central Austin has always valued the vitality the University of Texas at Austin provides to our area….But today, our community is losing a most important component of that diversity: its families. This loss is already complete in areas zoned and thought protected for single-family use.
It may be irreversible, and many areas have reached the tipping point. The trend began near the campus, but there is evidence that HOU’s are spreading elsewhere in the City of Austin….”

“The proximity to the University of Texas at Austin campus plays a large part in the proliferation of HOU’s. The units are attractive to many students, but at the same time, they have become one of the costlier housing options.”