Boulder’s Growth: and Its Management

As we face a 2015 decision on managing growth in Boulder, we are following in the footsteps of wise predecessors who have been doing the same things for close to five decades.  They’ve kept Boulder as a very special place to live and work.

In about 1999, several former senior City employees wrote about their experiences with growth management.  You can read it here:

Growth Management in Boulder, Colorado:  a Case Study” by

  • Joseph N. de Raismes, City Attorney
  • Larry Hoyt, County Attorney
  • Peter Pollock, Director of Community Planning
  • Jerry Gordon, Deputy City Attorney
  • David Gehr, Deputy City Attorney

Don’t be intimidated by this 38 page document.  It reads quickly and many contain clues about what we should do next.  Skim over the parts on legal details if they slow you down.

Boulder is a Great Place to Live!