Let people speak on neighborhood rights—Jenny Devaud

Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado
POSTED:   04/26/2015 07:24:39 PM

I support the right of neighborhoods to voice their opinion about development changes that affect them. The significant onus to collect signatures to allow representation is more than adequate to discourage a small subset of the population from dominating the conversation. This is what democracy is all about. It’s not top-down, nor should decisions be made simply by those whose livelihood depends on more construction. The funny thing is that many of the pro-development/housing folks, in my experience, don’t even live in neighborhoods that will ever be affected, such as Newlands, Mapleton Hill, South Boulder. I have personally lived through a four-year protracted fight against up-zoning in Goss-Grove, which is already the highest density neighborhood in Boulder. The new zoning would have prevented building of any single-family home over 800 square feet, thereby ensuring that any available property would only be developed into yet another multi-unit. There has to be a balance, a human scale, a mix of housing. I am really tired of the mantra of the development folks about “green, sustainable, new urbanism, affordable.” It’s a whitewash. I’m also tired of the scolding about how selfish are those who throw in their hat to preserve what is unique in Boulder, and to grow in a manner that reflects the respect for that uniqueness. Let’s have an honest conversation where everyone has their say, not just the pro-growth faction. I support the neighborhoods’ right to vote on changes to land use that affect them.

Let the people speak.

Jenny Devaud

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