Keep Boulder special — Dawn Taylor and CJ Wires

Daily Camera, Boulder, CO
POSTED:   03/06/2015 06:26:02 PM MST

Palm Springs is a desert city known for its modernist architecture. This unique and aesthetically arresting environment is comprised of residential and commercial buildings that emphasize sleek mid-century-modern horizontal lines. Visitors come from all over the world to view the effects.

Austin, Texas is universally renowned for its music scene. Unchecked development there is threatening the city’s musical identity. Urbanization and multistory high-density buildings are driving out music venues and musicians.

Boulder, although a “city” by some standards, has historically been a place with a small-town feel and a Western flair. It’s known for its sunshine, outdoor lifestyle, laid-back vibe, and stunning views. Many who live in Boulder would like to retain that charm through this development boom.

Regarding the developers who will make less money; our values go more to the greatest good for the largest number for the longest run. As for the young professionals who want to live in an urban environment in Boulder, we are skeptical about how many of them there really are. If they want to live in an urban environment, wouldn’t they aspire to live in LoDo or someplace similar? Business representatives say that the density debate/process has not been democratic and that Boulder will stagnate without constant growth. What could be more democratic than for residents to speak up and City Council to respond? We think current development is unsustainable and represents a much greater risk than “stagnation.”

We want to ensure that growth is managed in a way that does not destroy the unique quality of life we have here. Let’s keep Boulder special.

Dawn Taylor & CJ Wires