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Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan is moving along..
1) Take the online survey — deadline extended to Nov. 8!
2) Listening Sessions Start next week. First one is Central Boulder including University Hill, West Pearl, Goss-Grove and the Chautauqua areas –
Monday, Nov. 9 – 6:30 PM at Whittier International Elementary, 2008 Pine St.

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Take a stance on the proposal for 3303 Broadway

December 1, 2016, 6:00pm - December 1, 2016, 9:00pm

Hello Parents of students at Foothills, Friends & Neighbors! As most of you know, the property that was once the People's Clinic at 3303 Broadway (just east of the Foothills Elementary) is being considered for a new development that will house 50 units (34 efficiency/1 bedroom units, 10 two bedrooms and six 3-4 bedrooms townhomes) along with a neighborhood activity center (gym & cafe) on this 1.3 acre site. The site already has traffic, circulation, and safety problems due to its location next to the busy Iris and Broadway intersection and Foothill school. The propsal suggests that 3303 residents and retail customers will be able to find 35 spots on the street. Her study shows 7 spots are available on Hawthorn at the time of school pick up, which will certainly cause further congestion during end of school times. Based on the developer’s September 2016 traffic study, a projected 569 new car trips per day would be added to the areas already high density traffic. The "Neighbors of 3303 Broadway" would like the site to be utilized and recommends RL-2 zoning (up to 14 units per acre) with no mixed use is the maximum that this unique location can handle in terms of compatibility with the neighborhood, traffic, access, and parking. Preferrably affordable to middle-income housing to be used for families, working families and/or older adults. We recognize the city’s need for middle-income housing and want to do our part – at a reasonable density that preserves the neighborhood. The Planning Board is meeting on Thursday, December 1 at 6:00 pm to decide whether or not to accept the developer’s. There will be two City Council meetings (on January 17 and February 7.) The December 1 meeting will be the City Council chambers in the municipal building in the southwest corner of Broadway and Canyon. Based on the current agenda, at about 6:15, the Planning Department and the developer will give presentations about the project that will last about ½ hour. Then the Planning Board members can ask questions. Public testimony will probably begin at around 7:00. Speakers have two minutes (or four if two additional people donate time to the speaker). You can sign up to speak until the last speaker is finished. After all members of the public speak, the Board will make their determination. We want to fill the room with people who oppose the current development proposal. We need speakers, but those who don't speak can wear a sticker and wave a sign (we'll provide) to show their position. We’d love to have lots of children, since the site is so close to the school and since it would be such a good civics lesson. Please attend. Please encourage friends and neighbors to come. ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM THE NEIGHBORS OF 3303 BROADWAY: If you haven't yet written an email of opposition to the Planning Department and The City Council, do so now ( and or to individual Council members. As requested by some of you, we've attached some bullet points that can be used for letters or speeches. If you would like to speak at the Planning Board and would like to coordinate your testimony with others in the group, please let us know! We've also attached a draft position paper that we are sending as a group. If you want to read it and provide feedback, please do so. We will be forwarding it to the Planning Department and City Council quite soon, so – if this is of interest – you might want to look at it ASAP. Continue to recruit neighbors to Neighbors of 3303 Broadway! Reach out to anyone you think would be interested. Make sure your family members are counted as part of our group. If you have anyone else over the age of 18 in your family who is also opposed to the development and not on our email list, please give us their names by contacting us at:, and we will add their names to your email title. We already have about 80 neighbors but want to have as strong a showing as possible. Thanks for your help! We'll see you December 1. Amanda Bickel, Judy Nogg & Sara Mayer

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The Boulder Planning Department recently released the following data: For 10 years (2000-2010) the number of jobs in Boulder stayed level and actually dropped by 2,000 jobs in 2009. However, in just 4 years (2010-2014) Boulder has added 7,000 new jobs. In two years there will be at least 3,000-4,000 more jobs due to Google, S*Parks, etc. – and we wonder why we have traffic, housing, and infrastructure problems?

Sunday, May 3, 2015— Weekly Roundup –
Daily Camera LTE – Sandra Snyder: Stick to the truth on ballot issues

Boulder Weekly articles on out of control development in Boulder.
There are three articles about development. They appear in the order below in the print edition. Our Mayor’s comments show that he does not want to listen to or give the residents a voice in policy changes that could possibility affect their neighborhood. The “Low Confidence” is directed to some on the current city council.
1) by Joel Dryer –…
2) by Paul Danish –…
and then this one
3) by Matt Cortina –…
*We are doing a follow up with them next week to correct the incorrect information on the initiatives. We give the Residents the Right to vote on zoning and land-use changes. Anything built, within the zoning regulations, is not going to be be affected by either of our initiatives.

Sunday, April 26, 2015—Opinions in the Daily Camera on initiatives by Mike Marsh, Jane Angula, and Stacey Goldfarb
Tuesday, April 22, 2015—Livable Boulder announces two initiatives destined for this November’s ballot,  Read about this exciting development to protect our community from rampant and ill-planned growth.  And be sure to volunteer to help gather signatures.

Puzzled by what’s happening in your City?  Your Boulder?  Huge buildings, blocked views of the mountains, more congestion, proposals to change the unique character of many Boulder neighborhoods, pressure on our fragile open space, and ever higher housing costs.

We are puzzled too!  We’re a group of citizens, some former members of City Council, who have been discussing how our traditional limits on the rate of growth, height of buildings, and density of buildings seem to have changed.  We’ve been meeting since 2014 and are planning effective action to change the way Boulder is now dealing with growth.  We are speaking at public events and publishing in the newspaper.

We want you to know we are here.  We’re called Livable Boulder.  We invite you to join us.  And we want this website to help you participate.  Watch it for new information.  Let us know how we can make it better.

In the meantime, sign up for our occasional e-mails at by sending us an e-mail with your name, e-mail address, and, if you’re willing, your street address and phone number.  The latter two let us know what part of Boulder you’re from and how to contact you quickly.


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